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Co-operation, we have not adjusted the price of water, strong dissatisfaction with the foreign share
Date:2009-7-31   View:2256

Pudong New Area, Ji Young Park, President of the Village Water Company received the water bills, and with a single water are sent with a "Message to the user book," as inscribed in the Shanghai Pudong Veolia Water Co., Ltd. "Message to the user book" on the show, the framework of Shanghai city the price of water from the beginning in July, from 1.84 yuan per ton rose to 2.30 yuan per ton.


  7 20, Pudong New Area, Ji Young Park, President of the Village Water Company received the water bills, and with a single water are sent with a "Message to the user book," as inscribed in the Shanghai Pudong Veolia Water Co. Ltd. "A user book" on the show, the framework of Shanghai city the price of water from the beginning in July, from 1.84 yuan per ton rose to 2.30 yuan per ton. At this point the price of water increases from Shanghai has announced a whole month.

The people are amazing, as if overnight, almost all Chinese cities have joined the great tide of water prices. In particular, since the last two months, in addition to Shanghai, including Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Lanzhou, and many other large and medium-sized cities have been held or are planning to hold hearings on the price of water increases. In these cities, some of the price of water has risen, while others are in the preparatory phase before the prices.
This in the end there was a "premeditated" type of price crisis or a reasonable return of the price of water does not seem very easy to distinguish more clearly.

"In fact, we feel have to permit listening up"
Crazy water
The price of water rose to some extent has affected the Pudong New Area, Shanghai Yang Park Village residents, the original life.
"Although this month the five bogus sales money, but I bought a new three buckets, toilets, kitchens, pools following release of a bucket, wash vegetables have been used to salt water of the toilet." Ji said Ms. . In order to remind myself to save water, the other area Mr. Tang has been a resident of the tank to the toilet more than put the two plastic bottles (plastic bottles account for the size of the toilet can reduce water consumption). "Have been used to price increases, after a hearing is, in fact, we feel have not listening up card, Fortunately or not large." Said Mr. Tang.
The views of industry experts and the general population appears to be different. "In our analysis, the price of water is indeed a matter of fact, 'the up', China's water prices in the past in terms of welfare is a price, with the deepening of the market system and our living standard, China's rise in the price of water for the residents In fact, some still bearing capacity. and this rise is an inevitable trend. "infrastructure has long been engaged in the field of consultation Jibang Shanghai Investment Consulting Co., Ltd., general manager Zhang Liao in the" China Business ", said.
The broad increase in the price of water because of concern because the major increase in urban water, the industrial and commercial water and gradually increase the price of water to promote water-saving from enterprises that do not have to.
According to Zhang Liao, introduced in 2005, Shanghai in 2006 in fact increase the price of water has made a program, but was shelved due to various reasons, the CPI index in 2007 and so increase the price of water up to face resistance. Until 2008, against the background of the financial crisis and the declining CPI index, the country's macroeconomic policies, as well as regulatory mechanism to adjust prices, the relevant departments (primarily the National Development and Reform Commission) regulation and control of the country has changed the price of water up ideas from the past simply inhibit water rising due to increase in the price of water, so that the rising price of water possible. This makes the price of water in all cities in a wide range of prices there.
According to China's water network in 10 years on 35 major cities nationwide (except in Lhasa) to track the price of water statistics, found that 35 major cities in China's water prices increasing year by year, the average speed reached 7.14 percent, an average increase of the sewage treatment fee rate of 13.91 percent, by 2007, China's 35 major cities the average water price 1.63 yuan / ton, water prices charged an average 0.65 yuan / ton. In which the price of water than the average water price in 2000 rose 0.55 / cubic meter; the growth rate of sewage treatment costs more, from 0.25 yuan / cubic meter increased to 0.70 yuan / cubic meter.
And now, the price of water rising trend is still spreading. May 20, Kunming City Development and Reform Commission announced that since June 1, the residential water price increased by 8 cents. Early in June, Henan Zhoukou, Zhumadian prices in the province, held the first hearing; June 30, Yinchuan Sewage held a hearing to adjust fees; July 11, Henan Luoyang Notice will be held July 31 for the city adjustment of water price reform hearings. July 20, Lanzhou City, held a hearing on the current price of water will be raised 0.3 yuan or 0.4 yuan.
"Cooperation 7 years, we have not adjusted the price of water, the foreign shareholders of strong dissatisfaction"
Foreign-owned manufacturers rose?
This reporter learned that, as in 2002, opening up to foreign investment China's first water supply and drainage城市管网, many areas of the city water supply, we have foreign participation in these projects. This price increase in almost all areas of foreign investment into the water up there, so many people think that the price of water up to some extent with foreign-related.
Shanghai Pudong Veolia Water Co., Ltd. is a French water giant Veolia to enter the Chinese market since the establishment of the first water collection, transmission and distribution services of water supply as one of the Sino-foreign joint venture enterprise. "Cooperation 7 years, we have not adjusted the price of water, which strongly dissatisfied with foreign shareholders." Shanghai Pudong Veolia Water Co., Ltd., a staff to accept the "China Business", said.
November 15, 2007, Veolia Maryland limited liability company with the Maryland Municipal Construction Committee official authorized to sign the urban water supply franchise license agreement. Veolia to 1.71 billion yuan in Lanzhou price was 45 percent stake in the water supply group.
"However, since the joint venture over the past few years we have been losing money." This price increase for Lanzhou, Lanzhou Veolia Sun Xiaoxia, chairman of the "China Business" this reporter explained: In the past Lanzhou total industrial water for water, 70%, since 1998 a significant decline in water companies in 2003 had their own system, but because of electricity, coal, oil and various raw material prices rising personnel costs, combined with large-scale replacement of aging pipelines and equipment , an increase of the cost of water supply enterprises, resulting in serious loss of business.
To illustrate the cost of corporate pressure, she is given a set of very accurate statistical data, in 2008 the actual sale of the enterprise to 210,050,400 cubic meters of water, water sales income 288,135,200 yuan, 346,047,300 yuan cost of the sale of water, loss of 57.9121 million yuan , a loss of 0.276 yuan per cubic meter. "The current serious water upside down, from the enterprise perspective of development and security of water supply should be adjusted."
"In the case of Changzhou, we are also planning for the adoption of reasonable and rational management and lower overall costs, and the surrounding cities, Changzhou furthest away from the water, in theory, the highest cost, but our lowest price, the price increases with than the surrounding cities is also the lowest. "Changzhou General Water Company (Changzhou Veolia project company) Si Lu Li, general manager of Changzhou price adjustment in the hearing, also gives the reason for the rising price of Changzhou. July 3 at the price of water to adjust the hearing, residents of Changzhou City proposed water price from the current 2.57 yuan / ton 3.07 yuan adjustment / tons per ton of water increased 0.50.
"If the price of water rise attributed to the promotion of foreign investment, at this point, I do not disagree with." Zhang Liao said, at present, the domestic water supply and drainage in the area of foreign-funded enterprises the share of no more than 20% of foreign capital the right to speak still very limited, apart from the early to enter the Chinese market there may be some foreign language rights, the majority of the remaining loss is also in a trend. What is more, if not the foreign participation, many of the state of pure water is also expected to achieve price increases.
"Tianjin is only less than 20% of water sold to foreign companies, the majority of water companies in the hands of the government or the hands." Yue Beijing Great Consulting Co., Ltd. General Manager金永祥do not agree to price increases attributable to the promotion of foreign investment. He said that Veolia example, in China is less than 20 cities have a project, but the weight of the share of these cities are also relatively small, in Shenzhen, 20%, 30% in Shanghai, not in Tianjin to 20%, but may be higher in Maryland, accounting for 45%. Shanghai is the price of four funds, water supply enterprises with foreign investment rose, not a rose Veolia. Therefore, from a statistical point of view, the water did not increase the number of foreign factors.
According to an anonymous foreign water companies to introduce, first, foreign-funded enterprises to enter the Chinese market, most of which are high premium to buy shares in the domestic water supply enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises on the one hand, attention to long-term investments, tend to the next 10 years , 20-year return on investment interests. On the other hand there was also a certain element of optimism. However, on the current case, the majority of foreign investment enterprises are still the main industry losses, supported by a sideline, the main sideline balance, thus basically realizing a low-profit operations. Therefore, "driving the price of water increases foreign investment" is not true of speech, China's the price of water is not in place.
"Adjustment would also like to balance a number of relations, such as the protection of vulnerable groups"
A reasonable return?
July 16, Gansu Province, Gansu Province Price Bureau announced the cost of industrial and agricultural products Investigation Team on the Maryland Veolia going to report the cost of water supply. The cost of going to the basis of the results, Lanzhou Veolia unit pricing cost 1.72 yuan / cubic meter. Going to the basis of this result, the residents of the price per cubic meter of water to increase from 0.30 to 1.75 yuan / cubic meter, Lanzhou Veolia will be profitable.
Government regulatory authorities like this can cost water companies have a precise understanding of the industry that it is very rare, but it seems云里雾里consumers, but also expect the price of water increases the cost of a clear public .
Zhang Liao said that in many parts of China, between the government and the enterprise a kind of "asymmetric information", as the performance of regulatory functions of government departments can not give a clear water of the open business costs, and unable to lead people up the price of water the real reason, so complaining.
Ministry deputy director of policy and regulations徐宗威had the composition of water is divided into three parts: First, the cost of raw water; Second, operating costs; Third, the cost of taxes and fees. From the raw water costs, operating costs, tax costs in the three-part, the raw water costs account for 20% of the price of water, taxes and fees cost about 10%, while the remaining 70% is the operating costs. He said that operating costs in the space of a few adjustments can be considered. Such as: water purification costs, distribution costs, a large number of pipe network system, management costs, profit costs. Water purification costs are the need to improve, because the water quality in the increase in raising the quality of service, in the past the relevant testing standards is 35, and now increased to 106 to improve the water quality of water purification process should be said that the cost is reasonable.
This reporter has learned that these price adjustment of water in some cities is one of the main sewage treatment costs increase. According to Jiangsu Province, "Eleventh Five-Year" period of urban sewage treatment fee adjustment plan, by 2008, southern Jiangsu region sewage adjusted to 1.30 ~ 1.60 yuan / tons, the Soviet Union, the North Jiangsu adjusted to 1.00 ~ 1.20 yuan / tons. "This year, Jiangsu, CPI has been negative growth in more than a month, the adjustment to the price of water has brought the introduction of more appropriate time, and by the previous' backlog 'of space down the impact of the price adjustment will also be a slight increase, while the adjustment is very large part of the sewage treatment fee. "Changzhou Water to our reporter, an official said.
In this regard, Tsinghua Water Policy Research Center, director of industry analysis Tao Fu pointed out that 10 years ago people only pay the cost of management fees, there are sewage treatment fee, this year there are about 10% ~ 15% growth, the environment pollution, we must do to the obligation to pay sewage charges. Of course, there are a variety of factors increases, such as Beijing was groundwater, the cost is relatively low, and now South-North Water Diversion corresponding increase in the cost of water, and water supply enterprises demand naturally increases, these factors are common to the price of water will have to face large-scale adjustments.
"Of course, some adjustments have to balance the relationship, such as the protection of vulnerable groups, it is sure to do the western part of the poor people can not afford to pay, you can tune up the price, and then subsidize the poor, which is conducive to the social equity industry. another example of the urban cities, allowing the city to subsidize the center of the junction, and this is also a responsibility. "Tao Fu recommendations.
The National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Construction of housing and urban and rural areas dedicated recently issued a circular requiring all localities to carry out the price adjustment process hearing system in accordance with the law, a reasonable price adjustment to grasp the strength and opportunity to prevent the project focused on introduction of the price adjustment at the same time called on all localities in the price take full account of the process of the affordability of low-income families. Posture balance statement is also very obvious.
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