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World Water Council Chairman reminded the public decide the price of water by
Date:2009-7-31   View:2143

"Although the factors determining the price of water is very complex, the costs are different in various regions, but the price and cost are two different things, this is a political issue, not an economic issue, the price of water must be decided by the public." The evening of July 24 in Shanghai visit President of the Council of the World Water卢瓦克福hoon (Loic Fauchon) in "Financial", said an interview with reporters.
"Although the factors determining the price of water is very complex, the costs are different in various regions, but the price and cost are two different things, this is a political issue, not an economic issue, the price of water must be decided by the public." The evening of July 24 in Shanghai visit President of the Council of the World Water卢瓦克福hun (Loic Fauchon) in "Financial", said an interview with reporters.

July 22, his meeting with Chinese Minister of Water Resources Chen Lei in Beijing has just signed the "People's Republic of China Ministry of Water Resources in cooperation with the World Water Council Memorandum of Understanding" to promote the Chinese Ministry of Water Resources and World Water Council, in a major international conference and water activities, policy research and capacity-building cooperation in the fields.

Fu-hoon said at the signing ceremony, the World Water Council welcomed China's accession to the Ministry of Water Resources, and hopes to further cooperation mechanisms to establish good and continue to enhance the mutually beneficial cooperation between the two sides to a new level, to jointly promote the global water issues.

Important than water gun

Recently, many large and medium-sized cities, one after another on the high cost and loss of operating companies on the grounds that in order to enhance the price of water will hold a hearing. But these moves have aroused widespread public doubts.

In a "financial" journalists, Fuk-hoon said, the World Water Council's position on the price of water is very clear that water resources must be controlled in the hands of the public, water supply and water treatment from the private sector can provide certain services, because they have more experience and technology. However, the Government must decide the price of water, this is a political issue, not an economic issue.

He explained that if the Government is willing to pay part of the price of water, "which local governments, public and private companies are a good thing."

In the small town near Marseilles, France Trenevski (Trets) held the post of mayor of the fu-hun, the price be raised well aware of the impact of the public, "you tell the public that they pay more than the cost of the original will always be difficult . "

He said that the price of water should look at from two aspects: on the one hand, there is a price of water resources, water supply is the cost; On the other hand, local residents must take responsibility for the use of low-cost water supply, "in budget taps important than guns. "

As early as March 2006, fu-hun had warned that privatization will not solve the problem of water shortage, the Government must maintain control over water management.

In his view, the different groups of people can have different price, low-income groups can be a low level of water, high income levels can be high-price crowd.

Gradually increase the price of water under the water of the progressive price, many large and medium cities in China during the hearing when the price of water, also had been raised. It is the duty of the local water supply enterprises are of the view that a comprehensive and simple to raise the price of water standards, progressive water is more difficult to achieve.

Fu-hoon of "financial" journalists have expressed a different view. He acknowledged that to achieve this process takes time, but not so difficult, the key is the need to have the courage to do it.

As the chairman of the World Water Council, he said frankly very difficult to put it simply, what is the most suitable price. After all, if the price of water is very low, can lead to waste. Of all cities, industrial water use are generally 2 times the population, the promotion of industrial enterprises is more important to save water, because it easier for them to adopt water-saving techniques as well as water recycling.

However, fu-hun also admitted that the upgrade price is too high is dangerous because it may allow companies to continue, it should be cautious.

China can not be separated from water and electricity

World Water Council (World Water Council, WWC) in June 14, 1996 was established in Marseille, France, is a global water issues to discuss and coordinate the global water operations of international organizations, there are currently 80 member countries, more than 300 research institutions and development banks and non-governmental organizations. Launched its World Water Forum Ministerial Conference has become the governments engage in a dialogue on water issues and an important platform for exchanges on global water policy and water strategy for the formation and development has an important influence.

Early in June this year, the State Environmental Protection Department of the problem as a result of the EIA, more than halt the middle reaches of the Jinsha River hydropower development projects; hydropower development and ecological protection of the contradictions of China have become increasingly prominent.

卢瓦克福Hoon of "financial", said that utilities and does not contradict the ecological protection. From the rich countries to poor countries need more power supply, the question is how to do. Some countries tend to the establishment of small hydropower stations, some countries tend to establish a large-scale hydropower; and such like the Three Gorges hydropower project is very unique example, different countries do not have the same solution.

He stressed that China can not stop the construction of hydropower stations, on this point have no choice but to the Chinese government. Large-scale hydropower stations in the ecological protection issues, all countries have encountered the same problem, understand and resolve this issue will take time. If the central government, local government and environmental agencies in the building when the dam will give top priority to environmental protection, which is good news for all countries.

In March this year, held in Istanbul, Turkey, the fifth World Water Forum, the fu-hun, has warned that the most basic natural resources as water resources, but also by the impact of global warming, water shortages in some places situation may be exacerbated. If countries do not take timely action to deal with the coming global water crisis will not be able to avoid.

He told the "Financial" press, although for many countries, the impact of climate change on the threat of global water resources is also a little distant, but now governments are the problem of water resources should be increased to the level of national strategy.

Especially in the sharing of water resources between countries of the same, in the contradiction between the distribution of water resources will also become more prominent. But the prospects for fu-hun also expressed cautious optimism, perhaps there will be some bickering between nations and friction, but the possibility of occurrence of water wars is not too great.
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